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Road Closure Alert: T3-T5 Link Severed as Remaining Section Collapses

🚧 Road Closure Alert: T3-T5 Link Severed as Remaining Section Collapses 🚧

In a recent development, the road connecting T3 and T5 has faced a severe setback, with the remaining stretch also succumbing to a devastating collapse. As a result, the National Highway (NH) in this area has been closed indefinitely, disrupting travel plans for commuters.

The deteriorating condition of the road, aggravated by undisclosed factors, has rendered it unsafe for public use. Authorities have taken immediate action to ensure public safety by shutting down the affected section. Commuters are strongly advised to consult the Traffic Control Unit (TCU) before finalizing any travel arrangements in this region.

The closure of this crucial route has undoubtedly caused inconvenience and disrupted the smooth flow of traffic. Efforts are underway to assess the extent of the damage and plan necessary repairs to restore normalcy. Until the road is deemed secure and reopened by the concerned authorities, it is paramount for travelers to stay informed and seek guidance from the TCU regarding alternative routes and travel arrangements.

The situation is being closely monitored, and updates will be provided promptly to keep the public well-informed. Meanwhile, it is essential for commuters to exercise caution, adhere to traffic advisories, and plan their journeys accordingly to avoid any inconveniences caused by this unexpected road closure.

We urge everyone to prioritize safety and remain patient as authorities work diligently to restore the road to its previous condition. Stay tuned for further updates on the T3-T5 road closure and plan your travels accordingly, keeping the TCU’s guidance at the forefront.

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