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No Fear No Favour

RLD MLA from Modinagar got attacked. Police raids Across City.

Among the five states that go to poll this month, the one state that has been making headlines every now and then is UP. A tiff within the Samajwadi party, alliance with Congress and several other factors have contributed in making UP polls the most discussed topics for the season.

RLD MLA from Modinagar got attacked. Police raids Across City.
RLD, UP Elections, MLA, Rahul Gandhi, Sudesh Sharma

As the tension gripping the state, the cases of violence and firing is increasing day-by-day as the date for the first-phase of the Uttar Pradesh is coming near.

The fresh case of violence is reported from Modinagar. The RLD candidate, Sudesh Sharma, reported a gunfire in his office.

Talking to NLC, Sudesh Sharma revealed that 2 masked men on their bike open fired in his office.

On asking, whether he has filed any complaint to the police, He says “I had talked to my lawyer as in what sections we can file the case. Then we decide the course further”

When we asked, if he has doubt on any one, he replied that he has no issues with anyone. “I have no issues with anyone, this might be the move of opposition shake me off the course, but I will fight back. These things will not let me lose my confidence”

He also got a call from an unknown number

NLC also tried reaching out to IG Meerut, but failed to get any answer from them.

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