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Republic TV’s Poll On Varnika Kundu Left Them Red Face In Full Day Light.

What do you call a company who wants to create an unbiased image among the masses of the people but failed a hard time to do that? Republic TV.

Adding to the list of the latest fiasco of Arnab Goswami’s venture, Republic TV, in the poll, that ran live on their Facebook page, on Vanika Kundu’s stalking case by BJP Haryana Chief’s son Vikas Barala which backfired on the media house.

The poll left the media house red face and in a bit of awkwardness. The poll in question her e is the incident that took place in Chandigarh. Two men, Ashish Kumar Olla and Vikas Barala, the son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala were accused of having stalked and harassed Varnika Kundu

Varnika Kundu is the daughter of the IAS Officer, Virender Kundu and has bravely stepped up, insisting that the men be brought to justice.

While the two were initially arrested on Saturday, the charges under kidnapping were dropped and the two were released on bail.

While the debate is being fought on several other fronts, Republic TV decided to go one step ahead of their competition. The channel opened the debate on Facebook, asking the audience who they stood with. And shockingly, a lot of votes turned against the channel’s expectation.

As you can see the votes were not favouring Kundu at the time it was taken. There are also further Facebook posts that have taken screen grabs of the post before it was taken down.

Putting matter in the hands of public discourse is dangerous since it involves the character of a woman when the matter came to light. But there doesn’t seem to be that much of a point in targeting a news house for the opinion of its readers.

But, because the man behind it is indeed such a polarizing figure, there is no point in trying to separate people’s opinions of him with the affair he is reporting.

Though the matter of the result indeed shameful, and hopefully, the matter is resolved with the guilty being brought to justice

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