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Real Aircraft Turns Into A Restaurant, This Happens Only In India!

Ever wanted to travel in an airbus, but your budget didn’t allow it? Wanted to have that ‘feel’ of having to sit on a window seat of an airplane and peep outside as the plane gusts through the clouds? As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, you might also been scratching your head where to take the love of your life on that special day? Worry not, we are here to rescue you to all that thoughts emerging in your head.

This restaurant in Ludhiana caught our attention for its unique idea. The name, in itself, is sufficient to attract people’s attention. The restaurant “Hawai ADDA” is something which every individual should visit who is rough on its budget to board a real aircraft.

Hawai Adda Restaurant in Ludhiana, Punjab

Started by an entrepreneur, Punjab now has its very first airplane restaurant. The entrance is also as that of a real flight but once you enter inside, the ambience and seating are very different. There are tables with seats around them and even though there are windows and a passageway, you will still find it be much more exciting than an airplane arrangement.

Inside Hawai Adda Restaurant

Hawai Adda is in Ludhiana and is quite a hit among restaurant-goers. The restaurant has 72-seats and serves only vegetarian food. It also has a cafe, a bakery and a kitty hall that can hold up to 40 people. Barring the furniture, all original elements of an airplane have been retained.

So, what’s holding you back? Oh yes, you won’t have to buy that ticket or apply for a visa, for any country, the plane won’t take off (pun-intended)

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