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Read: This Man’s Response To “Man Shaming” Is Spot On.

These days the very definition of feminism is totaled, twisted, twirled, distorted, bent and broken. The very foundation of feminism has lost its meaning and, most of the time, worked around to give women an edge over men. Though “Man-shaming” isn’t heard till now, but be assured, the pace with which this “Feminism” thing is picking up the steam, this practice will be common.

In a same “Man-shaming” thing, a blog post surfaced onto the internet.

The profile, which says, “Modern Feminism, Progressivism, and Antifa are dangerous embarrassments,” this introduction is sufficient to draw many eyebrows. No, we aren’t judging the girl just by the introduction of her profile, but the question that followed.

On Tumblr, this very girl asked, “Aw. Aren’t you the cutest? Men who are scared of strong women are so adorable.” The author of the blog post launched into a lengthy description of what, according to him, constitutes a “strong women.” It’s since been viewed over 200k times in just 14 hours.

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