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Ravindra Jadeja Hits Back: Cricket Maestro Takes a Stand Against Father’s ‘Nonsense’ Allegations, Defends Wife Rivaba’s Honor!

Ravindra Jadeja Hits Back: Cricket Maestro Takes a Stand Against Father's 'Nonsense' Allegations, Defends Wife Rivaba's Honor!
Image Credit: India Today

Ravindra Jadeja, an all-rounder for India, angrily rejected the claims made by his father, Anirudhsinh Jadeja, in a recent interview with Gujarati newspaper. Ravindra described the interview as “scripted” and “nonsense,” claiming it was an attempt to “tarnish” his wife Rivaba’s reputation. “Let’s ignore what’s said in scripted interviews,” Jadeja captioned a graphic plate with a Gujarati message on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account.

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“All of the statements made in the stupid interview are meaningless and false. It is a one-sided tale, and I categorically refute the charges. The attempts to destroy my wife’s reputation are extremely terrible and disrespectful. “I, too, have a lot to say, but I won’t say it publicly,” Ravindra, who celebrated 15 years in international cricket on Friday, added.

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In an interview with Divya Bhaskar, Anirudhsinh stated that he lives a normal life apart from his son’s celebrity. Despite residing near Jamnagar, where his son Ravindra owns a farmhouse, Anirudhsinh says he lives in a two-bedroom flat. “I own some land in my community and manage my costs from my wife’s ₹20,000 pension. I live alone in a 2BHK flat as well as have a housekeeper who meals for me. I’m living my life on my own terms. Even in my 2BHK flat, Ravindra has his own room.

Jadeja’s Father Speaks Out: Alleges Estrangement, Financial Dispute, and Discord with Daughter-in-law

Senior Jadeja also accused the India cricketer of not having good ties with him and his sister. “I don’t call Ravindra and don’t need him. He is not my father; I am his father. He is supposed to call me. Everything in this makes me weep. “His sister also weeps on Rakshabandhan,” he said.

“We worked so hard to make Ravindra a cricketer. I used to make money by carrying 20-litre milk cans on my shoulder. I’ve even worked as a watchman. We are from a modest background. His sister has done even more than I. She cared for him as a mother would. However, he has not maintained contact with his sister either.” Anirudhsinh accused Ravindra’s wife Rivaba of causing problems in the household. “Right after their marriage, there was a disagreement about ownership of Ravindra’s restaurant. She (Rivaba) instructed him to transfer ownership of the eatery to her name. As a result, they got into a huge brawl. His sister assumed that he would handle things from now on and consented to sign,” he stated.

Fit-again Ravindra Jadeja is all set to return to India’s Test lineup.

Ravindra Jadeja, who hit 86 in the first innings of the first Test against England in Hyderabad, sat out the second match in Visakhapatnam owing to a hamstring injury. He injured himself while trying a single in the second inning, which resulted in his run out. The all-rounder is presently at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru, where he has recovered full fitness. He is expected to be named in India’s side for the final three Tests against England. After losing the series opener, India mounted a remarkable comeback to tie the five-match series. The third Test will take place in Rajkot on February 15.

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