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“Rations Only To The People Who Have Toilets In Their House” Sheopur Administration

In a step forward to attain cleanliness and taking Prime Minister’s ambitious project “Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan” a step closer, Sheopur district administration had decided to give rations to BPL card holders in a village only after they had produced a certificate that they have built a toilet at home.

Sheopur administration had also confirmed the reports for the same. The open defecation free target for the entire district has 587 villages under 225-gram panchayats. Not everyone can afford the cost to build a toilet. Some of the people present had shown their inability to build a toilet, however, they were forced to take the oath for open defecation free with the collector. Though, the collector had shown how people can make the toilet simply by digging a pit.

Though no sign of protest was registered from the villagers, but the Congress leader Ramnivas Rawat, citing acute water shortage in the district.

Targeting state government’s move, he said: “People don’t have enough drinking water, forcing them to build toilets that consume water reflects the governments’ mismanaged priorities”

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