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Ranveer Singh imitates Manoj Kumar just like SRK, but the senior actor is not offended this time

Many years back, Shah Rukh Khan landed in trouble when he imitated the legendary actor, Manoj Kumar in his film, Om Shanti Om, which completed ten years just couple of days back. Things got so worse that the actor dragged SRK and director of the film, Farah Khan to the court. It was all sorted only after both SRK and Farah met the veteran actor, and apologised to him. Of course, that particular scene was also deleted from the final cut.

Ever since then no one dared to imitate Manoj Kumar again, until few days back when Ranveer Singh took to Instagram to post a picture of himself striking that very signature pose, which caused troubles for SRK. “Workin’ the Manoj Kumar (sic),” read the caption on Ranveer’s post. Check it out right here:

Workin' the Manoj Kumar

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Thankfully, this time, the senior actor isn’t offended. In fact, he feels that Ranveer has done a “good job” of imitating him. “I have seen the snapshot. He has done a good job of imitating me. I laughed a lot when I saw the picture. Ranveer is on the right track,” he was quoted by Mid Day.

Comparing it to the SRK incident, Kumar said, “What Shah Rukh did was hitting below the belt, what Ranveer did was in good taste.”

For those who don’t know, in 2007, Shah Rukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om (OSO) had a scene in which he covers his face with his palm. However, Manoj Kumar didn’t take the matter lightly. Feeling insulted by the representation, he eventually demanded that the scene be omitted from the film.

Not just that, he is impressed with Ranveer’s body of work, especially with the film, Band Baaja Baarat. “Ranveer is a fine artiste. My good wishes are with him. I have seen his film, Band Baaja Baaraat,” adds Kumar.

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