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Rajnikant fans wait a bit longer as he puts his political debut on buffer

Rajnikant is one of the most celebrated stars of the country. He is treated like no less than a demigod down south. They have temples dedicated to the man and its government holiday on the release date of his movie. He is on the top no matter what he does. Now, he is set to make his political debut.

His popularity is unparalleled, people have their faith resting in him. While talking to the press he said that he knows what kind of responsibility being a politician brings and he is ready for it. He said that you don’t just need money and fame to succeed in politics, its always much more than that.

Rajni joining some other party is not even a question according to a source. “Being spiritual, Rajini cannot be a Leftist. Not being a hardliner, he cannot be a Rightist too. He will be a centrist as that alone will attract all sections of society,” the source told the Times of India. Which clears the air and assures that Rajni will form his own party.

Rajnikant was expected to make this big announcement on 12th December his birthday. He has not yet made this announcement but he soon will.

Does it mean no or less Rajni movies? Hope not!

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