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Rahul Gandhi finally clears the air on his claim on being a black belt in Aikido

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi seems to have found his mojo and has been tweeting out gems on issues like GST, demonetisation, and Aadhaar.

But it is his recent offline revelation that has come as a pleasant surprise to many.

At a business event, when Olympics bronze medalist Vijender Singh observed that politicians rarely promoted or participated in sports, Gandhi replied that he holds a black belt in Japanese martial art Aikido.

Singh, first, took a swipe at politicians, saying he had seen several of them just cutting ribbons and inaugurating programmes, but never saw Rahul. The star boxer, then, asked Rahul’s views on sports development in the country, and if he played any of them.

Singh’s questions brought a smile on Rahul’s face. The Congress V-P said that he exercises, swims, runs and holds a black belt in Aikido. “I am a black belt in Aikido – have you heard of it? But I don’t talk about it publicly. I do one hour of sports every day, though I admit I haven’t been doing much in the past three-four months,” Rahul said.

In a tweet shared by Congress politicians Divya Spandana, a 47-year-old is seen showing off various Aikido positions and techniques with a Sensei, Paritos Kar.

The tweet clears the air regarding Rahul’s prowess in the Japanese marital art.

At the event, Singh also asked the most asked question to the Gandhi. His question elicited cheers from the crowd, perhaps, suggesting they also wanted to answer.

“My wife and I always talk and ask when Rahul Bhai will get married,” Vijender asked. A confident Rahul, taking a stroll on the stage, said that it was rather, an old question that keeps recurring.

“I believe in destiny, and when it has to happen, it will happen,” the Congress VP said.

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