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RaGa’s NRI gaffe about Mahatma Gandhi draws flak in New York

Here once again Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is creating headlines because of his humorous comment. Junior Gandhi who never spares a single chance to make fool of himself, this time commenting at an international platform said our founding father were NRIs and the Congress struggle was an NRI movement.

The bold comment was made in an urge to overseas Indians to help their country modernise and prosper.

Addressing the gathering at Times Square, Gandhi said, “The original Congress movement was an NRI movement. Mahatma Gandhi was an NRI, Jawaharlal Nehru came back from England. Ambedkar, Azad, Patel they were all NRIs.”

He even went on to say that the fathers of the White Revolution in India, Verghese Kurien, was also an NRI.

Twitterati streamed on him, criticizing “Comedy Show with Rahul Gandhi.”

Concluding his visit on Thursday, this was the last comment in a row made by him after fashioning a buzz about dynastic politics and unemployment in Ivy League universities. He also focused on the BJP’s “divisive” politics which according to him is ruining India’s global reputation as a peace-loving nation.

The entertainment blockbuster brings back home a bin chocked-full of embarrassment from his recent US tour, however, the official Congress social media team congratulated him saying, ‘Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi rocks!’

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