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“Proposing A Girl Is A Crime?”- That’s What UP Police Think.

Just two days after Yogi Adityanath took oath as the Uttar Pradesh CM, one of the BJP’s oft-repeated promises during its election campaign was a formation of anti-Romeo squads “to protect the honour of women” took off with a great deal of purposefulness in the state. In its election manifesto for Uttar Pradesh, the BJP promised to create Anti-Romeo Dals (or squads) near colleges to “ensure the safety of college-going girls” and “check eve-teasing”.

But UP Police went to another planet with the idea of Honour protection. Police are stepping ahead with brutal measure instead of crucial measures. Is this really so hard for UP Police to understand the concept of being a “Protector”, not a “”Demon”?

There have been many lethargic activities UP Police is letting accused perform, for the sake of the Anti-Romeo Squad “Objective”, such as Face Blackening, beating, accusing of no reason, cock-pose, sit-ups by holding ears. What you up to UP Police?

An “anti-Romeo squad” shaved the head of a man in the presence of policemen who had caught him with a female friend in a public park in Shahjahanpur.

The incident happened last week, but a video of it went viral on Friday, after which senior police officials suspended the three constables who were present at the site.

“Three constables namely, Suhail Ahmed, Lasiek Ahmed and Sonu Pal have been accused of involvement in the incident. Prima facie it appears that they were present there and failed to stop those who were shaving the head of the victim. I have ordered their suspension on this ground,” Shahjahanpur SSP, K B Singh said.

Reportedly, the constables found the victim who was with his female friend outside a public park. They asked the woman to leave and called a barber and asked him to shave the man’s head.

Though senior police officials acknowledged the presence of the constables during the incident, they have claimed that they are not part of the anti-Romeo squad formed to protect women in Uttar Pradesh, as promised by the BJP.

“I have also asked a circle officer to investigate the matter. Further action against the constables will be taken on the basis of the investigation,” K B Singh said.

The constables are from Azizganj police post which falls under the city limits of Shahjahanpur.

The victim has not lodged any complaint against the constables in the matter.

The Anti-Romeo squads were officially directed to identify the eve-teasers, troublemakers in the crowd and it is supposed that the squad will let off the miscreants by a warning, or by talking to their parents. Another power of the squad is that they are free to take curative actions against the trouble makers which strictly depend on the activity of the culprit. But, unfortunately, squad only understands the Criminal Law.

Ever since the squads came into existence, media is flooded with their cons. Stories of allegedly accusing innocents are everywhere on the news. These squads were supposed to protect the honour of women, not to humiliate/disgrace the innocents or accused.(strictly depending on the seriousness of the activity)

On such issues, UP Govt directed the squad just after two days, that the squads should not use any inhuman means for the job, and no innocent must be accused(if both are meeting with concern).  The squads have begun to be a torture for the love birds of UP.

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has hinted that his state might also go for a similar arrangement to check the activities of “Majnoos” (Romeos), saying they are not good for the society and we will reform them

Is it really so hard for Uttar Pradesh Police to understand the objective? Why is it so?

Maybe because they were recruited on the basis of their senior secondary mark sheet  & for the sake of a minor physical test.

Look, we all know how to get 80% marks in the senior secondary in Uttar Pradesh without even attempting the exam on our own. But, a degree can’t offer u a mental standard of that level.

On a serious note, Uttar Pradesh Police needs to GROW UP.


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