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To promote widow remarriage; M.P govt to give Rs 2 lac to a person marrying a widow

In a bid to promote widow remarriage in Madhya Pradesh, the state government has come up with the idea to give Rs 2 lakh to a person marrying a widow. The scheme is launched to promote remarriage of widows in the state.

The social justice department has initiated the scheme and the state is also expecting 1000 widow marriages every year.

The state government to ensure misuse of the scheme has put in a few conditions.

To control fraudulent people taking advantage of the scheme and to check the misuse of the scheme, the state government has proposed the money under the remarriage scheme if her marriages a widow less than 45-year-old, his marriage with the widow should be first marriage, the couple has to get their marriage registered in the district collectorate and any proof issued by gram panchayats and local bodies regarding the marriage will not be accepted.

The Supreme Court of India, earlier this year, had asked the BJP government to frame a policy to encourage remarriage of windows.

The Madhya Pradesh government is to invest Rs 20 crore every year for the scheme.

According to the draft, anyone in Madhya Pradesh marrying a widow aged between 18 years and 45 years will get Rs 2 lakh.

According to a senior state’s social justice department officer, widow remarriage proposal is ready to be sent to the finance department.

The officer added, once the finance department gives its nod it will be placed before the cabinet.

If officials of the state social justice department are to be believed the widow remarriage scheme will come into effect within three months.

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