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President applauds Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti for their commendable job on organ donation

In an attempt to spread awareness among the people to donate organs, Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti organised ‘Utsav’ to commemorate and facilitate the people who have voluntarily signed-up for the organ donation.

Describing organ donation as true to the ethos of Indian civilizations, President Ram Nath Kovind on Friday said the idea that our body or any of its organs could be useful for the treatment of other human beings in our lifetime or after it could provide a humanistic vision to our future generations.

Speaking at the festival, President of Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti, Alok Kumar said that we are here to create awareness among the masses to donate their organs. President of India also praised Alok Kumar and team for his noble cause.

Telling their side of the story during the facilitating ceremony, Mrs Parashar said, “I was shaken when I came to know that my heart is going to collapse soon. After I went through the heart plant surgery, I got a new zeal in me. My perspective towards my life changed and began to self-analyse myself.”

She further added, “I then soon began to serve the people. I began telling them the importance of organ donation at my own capacity”.

Going through the similar phase, Mrs Chopra, another person present who got facilitate by the President of India, shares her thought, she says, “At first, when I told my family about organ donation, my mother-in-law used to taunt me of my decision. My own daughter used to say what drama is this. Only my husband supported me at that phase of time”.

Sharing the story of a widow, a lady who lost her husband and donated his heart to a man who was soon getting married says, “The person invited to me on his wedding, but I replied that the presence of a widow is considered inauspicious. But he forced me to join the wedding as because of my husband that he is alive”.

Harsh Malhotra former mayor and prominent face of ‘Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti’ was hosting the entire event.

To grace the celebration, people from all over the diaspora had praised the moment like, Vice-chairman of Okaya group, Subodh Gupta, Divya Arya, Editor Jan Gyaan, Sunil Sharma President, Jaipur Bar Association, Doctor Rajesh Mishra AIIMS, Meenakshi Lekhi, M.P, Vijender Gupta, Leader of Opposition, Vice Chancellor Vinod Kumar Shastri and Advocate Amit Kumar Singh

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