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Petrol Price Touches Sky, Nitin Gadkari Reaches Parliament in A Green Hydrogen-Powered Car!

Edited By: Aashish Vashistha

In Pic: Nitin Gadkari riding to parliament

March30,2022(New Delhi): Amid fuel costs continue to rise, creating a havoc between public, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari arrived in Parliament today in a green hydrogen-powered car, the country’s first of its kind. As part of a pilot initiative, the Minister drove himself from his home to Parliament this morning. Mr. Gadkari has always motivated about the idea and need for a shift to renewables and green energy.

In Pic: Union Minister at the launch event of Hydrogen car

He also claims it to be the “future of India”. He said that the hydrogen car is the future, Prime Minister Modi has also mentioned this and this is a big step towards becoming a self-reliant India. Petrol diesel causes pollution, but hydro fuel cell cars do not cause pollution,” he said.
Further, he explained that “There are three types of hydrogen. It is green hydrogen and its price will be Rs 1.5 per kilometre. Its Japanese name is Mirai.”

In Pic:Nitin Gadkari

Promoting the change in the society minister said “I can say within maximum of two years, the cost of electric scooter, car, autorickshaw will be same as petrol-driven scooter, car, autorickshaw. Prices of lithium-ion battery are coming down. We are developing this chemistry of zinc-ion, aluminium-ion, sodium-ion batteries. If petrol, you are spending ₹100, then on electric vehicle you will spend ₹10 (for using),”.

In Pic: Nitin Gadkari and hydrogen car

However, Nitin Gadkari idea about breaking the stereotype of petrol auto mobile with hydrogen car is innovative and eco-friendly Meanwhile, the fuel price hike on Wednesday for the eighth time in the last nine days gave chance to opposition to claim the Gadkari idea to be just an excuse for the unbearable rise in fuel price .

Written by:Manshi Singh

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