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People on the internet are claiming that the creators of Adipurush copied a dialogue from an Iskcon pravachan, and they are questioning where the makers spent 500-600 crore.

Controversy Surrounding Adipurush: Dialogue Controversy and Fan Reactions

The film Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, has become a subject of controversy. Despite its phenomenal business in the opening weekend, the movie has faced strong criticism on social media platforms. Netizens are expressing dissatisfaction with the portrayal of the Ramayana story in the film, featuring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan. Various aspects, including dialogues being labeled as “tapori” (slang), and Saif Ali Khan’s appearance as Lankesh (Raavan), have been heavily discussed.

The Viral Video and Allegations of Dialogue Copying

A video of a Shree Maan Amogh Lila Prabhu has gone viral amidst this controversy. The video captures a segment of his Pravachan (religious discourse) where he discusses Raavan and Lanka. In the Pravachan, Shree Maan Amogh Lila Prabhu mentions, “Ghee kis ka – Raavan ka, kapda kiska – Raavan ka, Aag kis ki – Raavan ki, Jaali kis ki – Raavan ki.” This line reminded fans of a dialogue from Adipurush that had faced objections. In the movie, Hanuman says, “Tel tere baap ka. Aag bhi tere baap ki. Toh jalegi bhi tere baap ki.” Netizens reacted to the video and claimed that the film’s makers copied these lines from the Pravachan.

Netizens’ Reactions and Comments

Netizens expressed their views on the video and commented on the alleged copying by the makers of Adipurush. One comment questioned, “Did Bollywood copy again because they lack creativity? Did they use 600 crores just to plagiarize?” Another disappointed fan mentioned, “While such lines may work in religious discourse, it is important to maintain dignity while portraying the character in a film. Disappointed with Adipurush.”

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