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No Fear No Favour

People born in 80s remember that TV time ? India’s 1st colour telecast broadcasting began on #Doordarshan TV today in 1982.

“Aya kya?” shouts the father standing on the terrace while making the adjustment to the antenna.

“Nahi Aaya. Thoda aur ghummao” comes the reply from the son after not able to see the picture coming to the screen.

If you are a person born in 70’s or the 80’s, this surely had given you all that nostalgic feels from the past.

Being the only player in the broadcast market, Doordarshan had revolutionised the way the people use to spend their time at home. Being the only player in the market, Doordarshan upped the game in the market. The tv industry saw a revolution under Doordarshan regime before the entering of the big players in the market like Zee, Star Plus, SET and the others.

Doordarshan, alone set the benchmark for the big players before even they could think of entering the Indian market for a future possibility.

And with the benchmark, I really mean it. Doordarshan, in the early 80’s started to test run the colour broadcast in India. It’s been 35 years since Doordarshan had upped the game in the satellite industry.

The colour madness was so much in the people of this country that they would cover the tv screen with the coloured sheet and would get the feel the same.

Doordarshan had really set the standard for the same. Thanks to the changing technology, and walking with time.

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