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People with Anxiety Disorders are Hiding These 5 Science Backed Super Powers

 Having anxiety is tough, but science shows us it does actually have some advantages:

Research tells us that anxiety is the number one mental illness in America and it affects 40 million adults in the U.S.alone. While having anxiety can seem like it’s full of negatives, you may glad to hear that there is some genuine upside to the condition.

1-People with anxiety have better senses about vibes:

More anxious people have the intuitive gut instinct about people and whether their energy is positive or negative. They are only comfortable with who give off good vibes and they want to steer clear of negativity.

2-Anxious people are great at empathizing with others:

More issues with your emotions mean you’re more likely to find ways on how to deal with anxiety are more empathetic towards others and can help them get through tough situations.

3-You can spot danger faster when you have anxiety:

One study reveals how people reveal how people who have anxiety are more prepared for dangers and their Life-saving instincts kick in a lot faster. They are more readily able to recognize danger and act better than most people.

4-Anxious people are smarter than others:


since they are often examining all different kinds of circumstances, they are good at finding outcomes to things that most people can’t spot. One study shows how people with anxiety scored better on IQ tests compared to those who didn’t have the condition.

5.Anyone with high anxiety levels is great at seeing through lies:

Their condition makes them very cautious people and so when someone is lying to them, their instincts take over and they always tell the truth. They will be among the first people to mention holes in a story if it doesn’t add up.

While having anxiety isn’t necessarily considered to be a blessing, it does have some positive sides to it. Hopefully, for anyone suffering from anxiety, they can help to put your mind at ease about anxiety.





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