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Patna to have it’s first Roti Bank which will provide free food for needy people !

Poverty and Hunger are the root causes for lagging India behind.

To eradicate hunger, Patna social activists has come out with a solution which will help to feed the poor and needy people.

Rishikesh, a research scholar at Patna think tank, has come out with a initiative naming Roti Bank.The motive of Roti Bank is that their volunteers will go door-to-door to collect food from people.He plans to start the ‘roti bank’ from June 15

He says “We hope to tap food from people who are willing to contribute a minimum of two chapatis and some vegetables to the bank every day, which will be distributed among the needy people, especially at the railway station, hospitals and footpaths of the city”,

“The members will check freshness and quality of the food. They also take up the task to deliver the food to railway station, hospitals and footpaths.” he adds

They have also launched a helpline number and a WhatsApp group. For those who want to contribute to the ‘roti bank’, they can contact 7050209999.

To keep a check on the quality of food, registration is compulsory.  One has to fill a simple form and become a member first and then donate

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