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Pairing Wines And Friends: 4 Winning Matches

Showing up to meet a friend with a bottle of wine is already a fantastic approach to bonding, but tastes in wine are very personal. Just like food, certain types of friends match better with certain types of wine. Think about its you have your favourite wines and so do they.

1. The girly crew: Prosecco

When sugar, spice and everything nice get together, the result is as lively as the bubbles of this refreshing Italian sparkling wine. Don’t be shy to bring it chilled for a sleepover, or order a bottle to mark the start of an unforgettable girl’s night out.The beauty of Prosecco is that it is an affordable alternative to sparkling wines such as Champagne, but still a lovely wine in its own right so you won’t feel you’re missing out.

2. The sophisticated friend: Chablis

We all have that friend that is pure elegance. Although she’s not necessarily into fashion, you admire her timeless style and know that she puts effort and love into it.Catch up with this chic lady over a bottle of Chablis, one of France’s most popular white wines—and for good reason.
It’s made in a privileged region where the land gives the grapes a distinctive mineral touch, which translates into a crisp, dry white wine that is graceful and neat just like this friend.

3. The cool mentor: Australian Shiraz

Whether they’re a dream boss, a successful colleague or a friendly teacher, having a senior person to look up to and who happens to become our friend is amazing as you get to learn and have fun while you’re together while getting valuable advice and guidance.A lot of red and black fruits will be the main feature of its taste, with a blend of sweet spices and maybe even leather or chocolate to add complexity to the mix.

4. The guy friend: Albariño

Your friendship is completely platonic: you both know that, and no matter how many times people ask if you are dating, he’s almost like family and you’re actually rooting for him to get the girl.Albariño is a Spanish white wine that will make you think about a fun day by the beach at the first sip. A mix of citrus, white flowers and minerals come together in this zesty, life-loving Galician treat.

There’s a wine to match every personality, which means that there’s never a reason not to enjoy a bottle of wine while hanging out with friends.What wines would you recommend?

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