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Painted With Diamond, Ladies, This Car Will Surely Give You Serious Jealousy Goals

Rolls Royce, a brand naturally known for its luxury cars, has taken the luxury to a new level in their new Rolls Royce Ghost version. This variant was launched at this year’s Geneva Motor Show 2017.

Rolls unveiled a version of its Ghost luxury car which is painted with actual DIAMOND DUST. This car was first showcased on March 9th. They have particularly named the car as Ghost Elegance. It took 1,000 real diamond dust to paint the Ghost. Rolls-Royce says that the diamonds were “ethically sourced”. As this idea was commissioned by a private buyer.

The Rolls-Royce gets their cars hand painted in their own in-house painting area. It took two months of testing for Rolls-Royce to ensure that the diamonds would maintain their shine when used in paint.

The result is a clear paint that gives a clear, shiny & smooth finish to the car. It sparkles and radiates in a way that few normal metallic paints can match. Rolls-Royce used this paint only for the top section of the Ghost. Combined with the two-tone color scheme, this Ghost stands out even amongst Rolls-Royces.

The exterior features a custom pinstripe and 21-inch wheels.
There is a lot more to look into Ghost except the diamond dust paint, as the cabin is relatively subdued. This car is luxurious inside with display screens for the passenger in back seat and tray tables.

Tuxedo black leather is the dominant shade, though Rolls also outfitted it with a two-tone steering wheel. White leather on the center console and stylish tartan finishes behind the rear seat tray tables.

Rolls-Royce didn’t discloses the price for this variant but said it was originally commissioned by a private buyer. While a typical Ghost starts at about $300,000.

Well, Ghost isn’t the only variant Rolls is showing off with. Besides, Ghost Elegance Rolls is also putting Wraith Black Badge and Dawn-inspired by fashion to the showcase.

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