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On National Press Day, here are some of the goof-up that media made

As India kicks in to celebrate National Press Day on Thursday, media fraternity has a tough time keeping the flambeau of truth burning. In a time when it’s difficult to analyse the real and fake news, it is getting tough for the journalist as well to report the news. And when one spot the fake news, it’s too late to take the call. But at the end of the day, we are all human, and human does make mistake. But when you are in the serious business, like the news, the mistake is not what you want to make it.

As India celebrates National Press Day, here are the goof-ups that left media red-faced.

Media goof-up number 1: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has unused Rs 700 crore under Environmental Cess

Media goof number 2: Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Potato to gold’ statement:

Though the statement was made by the Congress scion, the video that went viral was cut short by Rahul Gandhi’s critic and transformed into hilarious memes.

Here’s what he said

Media goof-up Number 3: Haryana girls

The video of these heroic women was picked-up by the media houses which show how they gave back the boys, who were harassing them, the taste of their own medicine. The matter went to the court, and after the verdict, it was found that the video was fake.

Media goof-up number 4: GPS on Rs 2,000 note

That was the best of the goof-up in the history of the news. Two well-known media faces of the industry fell prey to the fake news which said that the new note will be fitted with a GPS chip to detect the stash of bundle hidden in the form of black money in the houses. Here’s how it was reported

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