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OMG ! Tram driver caught sleeping by passengers.

There are some profession, where people give their more than 100 % and on other hand there are some jobs which people find it boring and tiring.

People who find their job boring, they consider there workplace as a restroom, where they can take nap in their leisure time.

But sometimes having a nap at your workplace becomes too risky or it can take lives of several people when you are accountable for momentous assignment.

A similar like incident came into light where a tram driver was caught sleeping by the passengers.

He fall asleep at the controls just three stops from the sites of last year’s fatal Croydon disaster.

Later on the tram driver was suspended for his negligible duty.

The shocking incident occurred after the tram, heading towards Wimbledon, stopped at a red signal near East Croydon, but never set off again.

Commuters said that when they went to investigate, they found the driver asleep, and had to bang on his compartment’s windows in order to wake him up.

A spokesman for First Group said: ‘We are very clear that it is unacceptable for tram drivers to lose concentration, for any reason, during their shift.

‘We have commenced a full investigation into this incident and will take all appropriate action.

‘The driver in question has been suspended from duty pending the outcome of this investigation.

‘We do not tolerate any violation of our safety policies, processes and procedures.

‘Any employee found to be in contravention of these will face disciplinary action

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