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OMG! This Man Chooses Holy Kaaba (Mecca) To Propose his fiancé

Every culture has its own unique marriage traditions — many Muslims, for instance, prefer to propose to their fiancé in the presence of family. Mecca is the holiest place for Muslims. People go there from all around the world to find peace and to worship. But a man did something unexpected and shocked everyone.

Yusuf Akion, a correspondent and anchor at the government-run TRT space channel, recently fulfilled an old wish of his girlfriend who wanted him to present to her a wedding ring while kneeling in front of the Holy Kaaba inside the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

He shot live video of proposing his wife and gave her the ring.

“Here I am in front of the Holy Kaaba. Here are also our blessed mothers. I am a little bit ashamed, but I thought I was doing something good,” said Akion.

His fiancé was surprised at first when he proposed while standing but she said: “Kneel down otherwise I won’t say yes,”. The young man eventually kneeled before her, in a Hollywood-style moment.

The couple’s video went viral on the internet but they had to delete it after he was strongly criticised for his action. Some demanded from Turkish television to fire the reporter and even outraged many Turkish residents.

The twitter was exploded, people demanded action against him and called it ‘Harram’. Some even said that it is his way to get attention and fame.

But there were many people who supported it saying “Makkah people marry in the Grand Mosque and even invite others. It is normal”.



By – Parul Kulshrestha

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