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OMG! There Is A 90 Year-Old Secret Behind, Releasing Movies Only On Friday In India..!

In a country like India, we have so many movies lined up each week. Being the world’s largest producer of movies, it’s kind of tough to find a suitable date for the release.

Have you ever notice, why in India movies are strictly released on Fridays? Even though, we have other 6 days of the week too.

Yeah..!! We know the cliché reason for it too “it’s last working day of the week (for few of us)” “its weekend time” “more audience will be there, coz its weekend”.

These reasons are partially true, somewhere. But our researched-out reason for this Friday release thing is iron strong.

The trend of releasing movies on Friday is a follow-up. It has opted from Hollywood’s first Friday release concept of GONE WITH THE WIND, which was released on 15th December 1939, duh it was a Friday.

But, this doesn’t give any fire to the adoption of such concept. Lately, this concept of releasing movies on Fridaywas first used with the Indian masterpiece Mughal-E-Azam, which was released on 5th August 1960, Friday.

So, after the huge success of Mughal-e-Azam, Friday release concept was officially adopted in India.

We can also say that Indians are a bit superstitious, and Friday is counted as the day of Goddess Laxmi.

And when it comes to “Laxmi”, producers are not allowed take risks.

Hope you liked the reason for having so many movie releases on Friday only.

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