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OMG ! OM Swami thrashed publicly

India has so many spiritual gurus when the self-proclaimed ones were also included. This new fashion of spirituality has grounded lot many people as a medium to reach so many people, to become popular. Though there are quite a plethora of real life videos leaked of popular so-called baba’s, people never let themselves to restrict from falling prey to those fake babas.

Remember this self-proclaimed Baba from Big Boss 10 who was quite popular during his season? Om Swami has often been in the news for making distasteful comments on his co-participants, ugly arguments and statements. He almost sounded like another version of the most hateful KRK.

Om Swami who is one of the controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 10 has hit the headlines once again. This time he’s in news for being beaten up by the public during a show.

Yes, the incident took place when the self-proclaimed Baba attended the Nathuram Godse Jayanti at Vikas Nagar area in Delhi but it seems people didn’t like his presence there.

The moment he was called on the stage, people got up from their seats and bashed him. They were of the opinion that a fake Baba like Om Swami shouldn’t have been called for the event; many of them considered this as an insult to the legend Nathuram Godse.

This is even hilarious while he was being beaten, his artificial hair was pulled out and everyone was stunned to see his “Asli Roop”. Abuses poured in and Om Baba had no option but to run away.

This is not the first time that the Baba was attacked. Even on 14th of January, when he was invited to a talk show on a news channel, he was thrashed on National TV

Here is the full video

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