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OMG! Disha Patani Recalled Being Stalked By A Crazy Fan

Stalking has been a major concern for women safety in our country. Celebrities have a crazy fan following but having a stalker can be dangerous. It is something which can shiver down their spine even after years.

Recently, Disha Patani had a similar experience while she was shooting for a brand in Delhi. A male fan of the actress came to meet her at the hotel where she was staying. She met him like any other regular fan.

After that day, he started following her wherever she goes for two days. She took it lightly in the beginning and paid no heed to his action. The man used to follow her from hotel to set, to shopping mall and even in a movie theatre.

Disha got threatened by him when he showed up again at the hotel to meet her. When he was not allowed by the hotel staff he started fighting with them. The actress’ manager had to jump to her rescue who was prompt in taking action and the stalker was finally thrown out of the hotel. One of Disha’s team member told a daily, “Eventually, the hotel bouncers were called and the man was thrown out of the premises. The manager was prompt in taking action.”

On recalling that incident, Disha Patani said, “I am relieved that the episode is over. I am deeply overwhelmed by the love of fans. When I got to know about it, I was in for a shock. It was an unpleasant experience.”

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