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OMG ! Aadar Jain Opens up About His Relationship Status With Rumoured Girlfriend Tara Sutaria.

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Bollywood Actor Aadar Jain, who had made his digital debut with Hello Charlie is often seen with his rumoured girlfriend Tara Sutaria.

While he has been talking about her relationships openly now, he said that opening up about one’s relationship should be a personal choice with no peer pressure affecting the decision.

Bollywood stars are constantly under the spotlight for their personal life as well. While some celebrities wear their heart on their sleeve and openly talk about relationships, others choose to keep that part of their lives under wraps.

Actor Aadar Jain in a recent conversation with Zoom shared his take on this aspect of a celebrity’s life.Commenting on celebrities who chose to hide their relationships and those who flaunt theirs Aadar told Zoom in an interview,”Everyone is different, so you can’t do what other people do. They have their own personal choices. If they want to hide something, they have their own personal reasons for it. If they want to talk about something that’s their own choice, but there’s no pressure that because some people are doing it, you have to do it.”

Earlier Aadar had opened up about Tara and said “Tara is someone who is very, very special to me. We give each other a lot of happiness. We do hang out a lot and people show us a lot of love. It’s great and that’s all I can say about it.”

For the unversed Bollywood actress Tara sutaria and Aadar Jain had met at a Diwali party in 2018. They were good friends at first but gradually rumors of them dating each other had gotten heat in the media. Tara Sutaria was often seen in the parties and get-togethers of the Kapoor clan

In a conversation with Zoom, Aadar Jain also talked about his family and upbringing, and said, “See I don’t know about any other actor. I can speak to myself. The kind of family that I come from, the kind of the way my parents have brought me up, is always to be normal. To live a normal life and to just be cool, just be chill, don’t think of anything else. Don’t think of anything else. I live for myself. I don’t live for anyone else.” He added, “Frankly, I don’t care what other people are saying.” The actor then added that his parents are aware of his personal and professional choices.

On the Work front, Aadar Jain starrer Hello Charlie had launched on Digital Platform on April 9, 2021.

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