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Ola electric scooter design and features will give a better perspective towards New India.

Ola Electric scooter will be launched in India tomorrow i.e. on 15th August. Even before its launch, it is getting a lot of popularity in India. The company has started booking the Ola electric scooter for a token amount of just Rs 499 and so far more than one lakh units have been booked. The Ola electric scooter is equipped with great features that make it quite different from other electric scooters in India. Before the launch of Ola Electric Scooter in India tomorrow, we are going to tell you about its features.

Battery and Range:

The Ola electric scooter is powered by a 3.6 kWh battery. When fully charged, this battery will be able to give a range of about 150 km, which is much more than any electric scooter in the market. At the same time, its top speed will be 100 km/h.


To take the riding experience to the next level in the Ola Electric scooter, customers will get a digital instrument cluster, cloud-based connectivity, 12-inch tubeless tyres with alloy wheels, LED head, tail lamps and turn signals along with a segment-best 50-litre seat boot. Space is available. Along with this, keyless experience is given in the electric scooter. The Ola electric scooter will come with a reverse mode which means that you can also drive it in back gear. This feature can come in handy on many occasions.

Till now you must have seen back gear in cars but recently a video released by the company shows that Ola electric scooter will come with reverse mode which means that you can also ride it reverse at high speed. This feature can come in handy on many occasions. In crowded and traffic conditions where it is difficult for you to move the scooter when you are stuck, you can move the Ola electric scooter with the help of reverse mode.

Also, in place of fixed battery in Ola electric scooter, swappable battery will be used so that you can charge it in your garage or charging station but if needed, separate its battery from the scooter and also from the power socket of your home.

How to Book:

To book an Ola Electric scooter, you will not have to provide any kind of identity card or any other document to the company. The process to book an Ola Electric scooter is very simple. All you have to do is sign in with your phone number and a one time password will be generated on it, with the help of which you can complete the booking process. When you book Ola Electric Scooter, the order ID and other details will be sent to your phone number and e-mail.

Expected Prize:

It is believed that the price of Ola electric scooter can be between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1.50 lakh.

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