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Oh really! Hindu Sena sprinkles ‘Gau mutra’ to welcome Navratra

This Navratri get a hangover to the much popular ‘Moo-mooing’ creature of the animal kingdom. Gear up all Garba revellers because here appears our energetic team of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad with a bunch of unique crazy ideas to give you a sense of déjà vu. A déjà vu or hallucination never felt before of any modern ordinary drug but of a conventional Hindu religiously practised drug which we respectfully call, ‘Gau mutra!’ This youth team of Bajrang Dal and VHP at Thanganat Garba in Gandhinagar Friday night sprinkled cow urine as part of a ‘cleansing process.’ After all, this bunch of nation-loving caretaker believes in such rejuvenating and organic process of cleansing impurity is a must before you rock the floor and steal party.

With no sign to put an end to ‘Shuddhikaran,’ they further preceded by applying a ‘vermilion tilak’ on the forehead of revellers.

The ‘Tech Savy’ team last year on the same venue took proper care of screening device so that none can escape from the process. As on Friday night, Gandhinagar police had some relief as they did not receive any complaint about the incident.

With the trending mandate ‘Ban-Ban’ game of the ruling government, our beloved VPH team banned people from other faiths ensuring not to participate in the Garba festivities.

Educating about ‘Love Jihad’ to young Hindu women, the much-loyal activist Surya Prakash Vaishnav with the Bajrang Dal went on inspecting at venue to venue in Gandhinagar. They also spread awareness to families to use cow urine for tilak on special occasions to welcome guests.

In accordance to the grapevine, the participants had no issue with the process and blissfully embraced ‘Shuddhikaran’.

Here how the party animals conclude-

Gau mutra is a primordial practice and part of our Hindu culture. I had no problem with it and neither we!

With ‘Dandiya’ comes an additional element of ‘Gau-mutra-Suddhi’ in this Navratra season.

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