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Now You Will Need A Passport To Access PornHub In Russia. No, We Are Not Kidding!!

What do you need to watch an adult movie online? A good internet connection mobile, laptop or a tablet, right? What else is needed? Yeah, age. Age does matter, if in case. And what if you are underage? Lol, common, who cares, right? But it looks like the government in Russia is serious about the age aspect. And also, in a bid to crackdown on these adult rated sites. And that’s the reason why the sites like PornHub will now require Russian citizens to log in using their social media accounts that are linked to their passport and cell phones. It looks like the ban season is not only gripping India but also to the parts of the country.

The rule was unveiled on Monday and marks the new tussle between Russia and PornHub. The adult site faces the ban but was reinstated in April, but the controversy didn’t stop there. After the ban was lifted, a film based on corruption by Russian officials by the site was uploaded. The film which is titled as ‘Russian Corrupted Politician F***** Hard’ was created by anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny who refused to delete the film.


The new feature will now allow users to log in using their social media account details instead of submitting their date of birth. This will allow the Russian government to keep an eye on the people who are logged into the account.

The new feature has been announced through PornHub’s Vkontakte page and to open a Vkontakte account, users have to enter their cell phone numbers and one can not purchase a Sim card in Russia without presenting their passport details.


PornHub is not the only site which had faced the wrath of the ban. Earlier, the country came down hard on 11 adult sites last year and other sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, Apple’s iCloud had also faced the brunt of the government.

Looks like Russians will make a choice whether logging on to PornHub is worth all the efforts or not?

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