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Now, Travel From Delhi To Chandigarh In Just 2 Hours

Going full steam to achieve the target of 245-km long Delhi-Chandigarh, The Indian Railways is determined to cover the distance in flat 2 hours despite many curves on the proposed track.

The route, Delhi-Chandigarh corridor, is one of the busiest routes in north India, is slated to be first semi-high speed project being taken up by the state-owned transporter to run trains at max speed of 200kmph with friends sitting in France.

The Indian Railways will not go for land acquisition required for straightening the curves on the route. Instead, the railway has decided that they will slow down while negotiating track.

The earlier plan was to straighten up the curves to facilitate uninterrupted speed on the semi-high speed route, said a senior Railway Ministry official with the semi-high speed project,

To avoid any further delay, the railway has decided not to go for the long and tedious work of land acquisition. Instead, the ministry would make adjustment on curves as much as possible on the existing railway land.

The French railways would submit the execution strategy and implement the model with detailed cost of the semi-high speed project involving up gradation of the Chandigarh route.

The French counterpart will be submitting their study to the officials of Indian railways with details of cost analysis and technical parameter by October.

According to the rough estimate, the government is shelling over Rs 10,000 crore with about Rs 46 crore per kilometer for running trains at 200 kmph.

Currently, the Shatabdi Express covers the 245 km distance in about three hours and 30 minutes travelling at a maximum speed of 110 kmh.

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