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Now, An App To Let You Have Sex With Your Colleague.

Feeld, the app made to make it easier for people to have group sex, now wants people to do so in the office.

The company – previously known as 3nder, or the Tinder for threesomes – has launched a new work messaging service intended to help colleagues have sex with each other.

The messaging service allows people to tell their co-workers if they’d like to sleep with them. But their co-workers won’t see that they do until they say the same, and get matched like on Tinder.

Feeld says that it has created the app to help people explore their feelings at work – something that it says can help “enhance one’s life”.

“The workplace often introduces us to like-minded humans,” Feeld’s ‘manifesto’, launched alongside the app, reads. “Having feelings for them is natural and amazing.”

But it makes clear that “work is work”, and that users should respect the same boundaries they normally would in the workplace.

“Having fun at work is awesome, exploring your feelings is what we believe will make us better humans,” the ‘manifesto’ continues. “Work is work, however, always remember the main reason you’re there—to make awesome things with the awesome people in your team.”

The manifesto goes on to lay out a number of other tips, like making sure that users consent, that they stay “curious and open”, and that they shouldn’t discriminate or be cruel to each other.

The app works by integrating with Slack, the office chat app that a number of offices now use to let colleagues talk to each other. When it’s installed, users can tell it the name of people in their office they’d like to date, and it will store that secretly – unless someone else also reciprocates.

If that happens, the app will show a message reading: “Sweet! Seems like @Jack has feelings for you! Go say hello.”


(This article was first published in The Independent)

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