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Not Coffee And Sandwiches But Its Purrrs And Meows In This Mumbai Cafe

Calling all word nerds to a competition where it’s you, your seven tiles, a ticking clock, rival teams and… cats. Piqued? Sign up for the Scrabble tournament at Cat Cafe Studio to see how it all plays out.

“This is the first time we’re hosting a Scrabble event in this space. Last week, we had a Monopoly tournament,” says Manil Dodani of Cat Cafe Studio. He adds, “The format of this tournament is different. Instead of one-on-ones, we’re playing tag team Scrabble. Two teams of two will sit at one board, and cumulative points will be given to each team. Each round will last 25 minutes.”

Expect the 25 resident cats to lounge around you while word wizards battle it out on the board. “Last week, during the Monopoly games, we were offering bonuses to anyone whose lap a cat chose to sit in. This time, we’ve changed things around. The older cats might sleep through the game, but the younger ones are usually bursting with energy. So, if any of them ends up knocking over tiles on a board, that table will be awarded bonus points,” shares Dodani.

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