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No more a taboo-Let us discuss SEX!

Have you ever tried talking to your mother about sex? In this typical conservative society, it is way too difficult and if it is about the sexual needs and desires of women, it would become a taboo. And by any chance if you are the exceptional one then I am damn sure she will still talk to you in a roundabout way.

Khane Mein Kya Hai?, the second episode of the Blush series Mothers & Daughters depicts those amazing moments of opening up with your mothers. In this episode, a newly married Priya talks about taking charge and tells her mother about her amazing honeymoon moments by using the masala, cooking techniques and Indian dishes as a metaphor or because of the moral walls that doesn’t allow the two to open up completely and the mother remains convinced that women don’t have that type of luxury.


So, watch Khane Mein kya hai for a beautiful mother-daughter relationship.

We have other few short stories as well that introduced the harsh realities of the society as well as hint us to spice up sex life with hidden sexual desires and fantasies.

This film revolves around a conversation between two married co-workers – Vinay (Bajpayee) and Priya (Chopra), who are in an extra-marital relationship for the last three years and decides to disclose their relationship to their spouses and move on in life together.Manoj Bajpai never ceases to surprise us! He’s intense, quirky, witty, powerful and intimidating; all in just one face. The plot of the film oscillates between the harsh realities of today’s relationships; the choices of wrong and right and the pickings from doable and ditch-able

Manoj Bajpai is the best thing about this film, he is intense, quirky, witty, powerful and intimidating a complete package. The plot of the film revolves around the choices of wrong and right and the pickings from doable and ditch-able ones.

The short film, produced by Terribly Tiny Talkies, has Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta exploring new ways to spice up their sex life and try new hot picks.This film begins with an itch in the lower neck region and moves to an altogether different sensation in another part of the body. This film has amazing comic sprint when revolves around the bedroom and what follows is a delightful sequence involving handcuff, finer points of BDSM, a blindfold and Sholay’s Gabbar Singh.

This short film based on hidden desires and fantasies that were not really discussed in a marriage of 25 years and was not even considered.



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