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#NLCSpecial: See Here, U.S 45th President Donald Trump, Life Journey In Pictures.

As Barack Obama’s will transfer the baton to Donald Trump, here’s life journey of The U.S.A’s 45th President who will hold the office tomorrow.

1) Donald Trump at the age of 4

Donald Trump at age 4

2) As a child with family

Donald Trump with family

3) Donald Trump was born to a real estate developer, Frederick Trump and Mary McLeod. In 1970 he began his real estate career by joining his father company. In the same year, he was given full control of the company. Trump announced his intentions to built a $100 million hotel. Trump organisation rebuilt Commodore to Grand Hyatt in 1980. And then it was never looking back for Trump.

Donald  Trup 1


4) In 1978. Donald trump married a New-York based fashion model. Together, they have two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, and a daughter, Ivanka.

ivana trump

5)In 1978, Donald Trump opened “Trump Tower. Located at the poshest of the area of New-York city on Fifth Avenue. A $200 million tower consists of a shopping complex, luxurious apartments and an 18-metre high waterfall.

Donald Trump tower

6) In 1990, Trump acquired the largest casino hotel in the world “Taj Mahal” at Atlantic City, New Jersey. Later, he rebranded the name to “Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort”

Donald Trump 5

7) In an attempt to diversify his business, Donald Trump in acquired the Eastern Air Lines Shuttle for $365 million and rebranded it as Trump Shuttle.

Donald Trump airlines

8) In 1991, Trump divorced Ivana, and after 2 years he married to Marla Maples. The marriage lasted for 4 years. Together, they have a daughter Tiffany.

Marla  and Donald

9) In October 1999, Trump tried his hand in politics but ultimately withdrew after getting the poor response.

Donald Trump tries in politics

10) In 2005, Donald Trump again married to a jewellery designer Melania Knauss.

Donald Trump marries melania knauss

11) In 2012, Donald Trump again tried his hand in politics. But his image was dented when he joined the movement “Birther”, the group which believed that The US President wasn’t born in the country.

trump in 2012

12)On June 16, 2015, Trump announced that he would run for the Republican ticket for the 2016 presidential election. One of the most controversial candidates of the recent times, Trump garnered much of the attention on making harsh comments about his fellow candidates.


13) Donald Trump became the nominee for the Republican Party on June 19, 2016.

GOP 2016 Trump
GOP 2016 Trump

14) Donald Trump faced Hillary Clinton in three presidential election debate on Sept 26, 2016, Oct. 4, 2016, and Oct. 9, 2016.


15) On Nov. 9, 2016, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become The USA’s 45th President.

winning image

U.S President Donald Trump will acquire the office tomorrow

Donald Trump ending pic

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