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NLC Shorts: Check out the Top 4 news around the globe.

1. Bata appoints an Indian as the CEO for the the very first time in the 126 years.

Sandeep Kataria, who was working as the Indian Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Switzerland based shoe manufacturing company Bata since 2017 has been promoted as the Global CEO of the company on Monday replacing Alexis Nasard.

The 49- year old has previously worked with Unilever, Vodafone and Yum Brands in India and Europe.

2. Two Vistara aircrafts attacked on surface by honeybees in Kolkata.

Swarms of honeybees attacked the two aircrafts of Vistara airlines on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning at the Kolkata airport, causing flight delays.

On both the occasions, the fire brigade officials had used water cannons to flew of the swarm of bees.

3. 7- foot Penis shaped wooden sculpture got missing from Germany’s town.

German police started the investigation regarding the stolen 7- foot penis- shaped sculpture which turned up several years ago at The Bavarian Village of Rettenberg according to the report by the local newspaper Allgäuer Zeitung.

The sculpture was even appeared on Google Maps as the “cultural monument”.

4. F1 driver survived a burning car accident after 225 kmph crash- shares video from Hospital.

Formula One race driver Romain Grosjean, whose car crashed and bursted into flames after 225 kmph crash at Bahrain Grand Prix, uploaded a video on social media in which he is seen with bandages with the caption saying: “Hello everyone, I just wanted to say I am ok, well, sort of ok.”

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