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NLC Shorts: Check out the top 4 news around the globe.

1. October 2020 is the coldest October in last 58 years in Delhi : IMD

Indian Mateorological Department (IMD) at Safdarjung observatory in Delhi has today analyzed that October 2020 is the coldest October in Delhi in last 58 years as the capital has recorded the temperature of 12.5 degree Celsius on Thursday. Before that the minimum temperature of Delhi in October was 17.2 degrees Celsius.

Last time when October was that much cold in Delhi was year 1962.

2. Saudi man gatecrashes Mecca’s Grand Mosque with his car.

A Saudi man crashed into Mecca’s Grand Mosque in a speeding car late Friday night, the Saudi Press Agency said.

The crash happened around 10:30 pm where the man ran his car through the barrier of the southern side of the mosque and kept driving until the car crashed the gate.

The authorities arrested the man inside the vehicle and found out the man in an ‘abnormal’ condition. The police prosecuted the man with possible charges.

The video came out on news agency’s social media account in which the authorities are trying to push the damaged sedan away.

3. 85 year old School building lifted up by a ‘walking machine’ in China.

A 85 year old primary school building of Lagena Primary School in Shanghai lifted off the ground and 203 feet to its new location by the help of a new technology which acts like a “walking machine”.

The engineers attached almost 200 mobile supports underneath the building according to the chief technical supervisor of the project- Lan Wuji.

The supports act like the robotic legs, splits into two groups- alternatively rise up and down and walk like a human to move the building forward. He told CNN.

4. Video of a python being rescued from Mustang car in US gets viral.

A 10 foot long Burmese Python found around the engine of a Mustang car. Later it got rescued by the officials of Florida Wildlife Conservation. The video of the incident has caught the attention of the netizens

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