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NLC Shorts: Check out the Top 4 news around the globe.

  1. Congress leader calls Virat Kohli “Anushka’s dog” on Twitter over his fire crackers post.

Congress leader Udit Raj slammed Virat Kohli by calling him ‘Anushka Sharma’s dog’ over his tweet in which he advised his fans to not to burst crackers after which Udit Raj tweeted: “Anushka doesn’t have to take care of her dog Virat Kohli… No one’s more faithful than a dog.” “Kohli taught you fools that humanity is at risk from pollution,” he added.

2. Mumbai’s iconic Siddhivinayak Temple will open from Monday.

With the Maharashtra Government allowing temples and other places of worship to reopen for the first time since March, Mumbai’s iconic Siddhivinayak Temple has come out with a list of SoPs to ensure the safety of the devotees. Among them include booking of darshan through a dedicated app and live streaming of pooja.

3. TikTok employee will drop the case against Trump’s administration.

TikTok employee Patrick S Ryan, who sued ex- president of US Donald Trump over the app ban in the country has now agreed to drop the case. In the filing, Ryan said that both the sides were just asking the court to dismiss the case with prejudice.

Earlier, Trump gave ByteDance a 15 day extension to reach an agreement over the application’s US business with it.

4. Coronavirus found in a frozen beef in a Chinese town.

Jinan, a city in China found found COVID- 19 in the beef and tripe. However, none of the manufacturers who shipped the beef were mentioned in the statement, but said that they are packaged in Brazil, New Zealand and Bolivia.

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