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NLC Asks: Is originality dying a slow death in Bollywood?

Dear Bollywood,
The remake of ‘90s song is the new culture that we are seeing in today’s time. With “the humma song” and “Laila-main-Laila” raises many questions that need to be answered. Is the originality is on the verge of dying in Bollywood? Are our capable music directors and music composers lacking the idea of originality? Why the songs which have deep connections with our souls being destroyed by Bollywood? Is Bollywood out of new ideas and concept? Or, the idea of experiment gives them nightmares?

The Humma song- Ok Jaanu

No, doubt “the humma song” was better than its predecessor. It was made to match-up the taste of the youth of todays’ time; to be played in parties, wedding and where not. Everything was nice, beats, music, bass, and then it came when it totally blows up. Yes! Rap by Badshah. It fell like a bomb on my ears. The rap destroyed the song. Total blunder.

And the original

Laila main Laila- Raees

Flashy lights, liquors, and men dancing around Sunny Leone. Tried and tested formula by which a movie will get few extra crores. Let’s not discuss about it, we Indians are just bunch of hypocrites. Moving on, this song is also a bomb to all the millennials who had listened to the original song. Watching Sunny Leone was a treat to everyone, but song wasn’t. That’s for sure.

And the original

Haseeno Ka Deewana- Kaabil

Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer Kaabil had garnered much controversy, thanks for the leaked trailer of the film. The other thing which attracted the controversy is from the people who are much into old and soulful tracks of the ‘90s. The re-created version of “Haseeno ka Deewana” leave those souled creatures distressed. Leave alone the song, the picturization of the song was so vague that you can’t even tell what the director wants to convey.

And the original

Kala-Chashma- Baar Baar Dekho
The song ‘Kala Chashma’ created history this year. Though the movie was not able to generate interest at the box office, the song garnered massive online hits even before the film released. The song, with thumping bass, beats and music was an instant hit among the youths. But what distressed us the most is the Badshah’s rap. Badshah’s rap line “Sadko pe chale Jab ladkon ke dilon mein Tu Aag Laga de baby fire”. I mean, what he was thinking at the time of writing these lyrics? We can’t point out much mistake, as the song is totally insane (in terms of lyrics)

And the original

Tutak Tutak Tutiya- Tutak Tutak Tutiya

The ‘90s version of “Tutak Tutak Tutiya” was a great hit at the time. The re-created version the song from the movie Tutak Tutak Tutiya itself is a disaster. Can’t talk much about it.

And the original song

As the originality is dying a slow death in Bollywood, the day is not far when this will be re-created

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