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Next Time, When You Run Out Of Chakhna At Home, Try These..!!

Many a time mood arises to drink, especially at night, but then we realize that we don’t have enough ‘Chakhna in your house. For such conditions, we bring you some Chakhna material which you can easily make at your own with normal household eatables.  


1.       Corn Flakes Chat 

This is an easily available food item found in many of the houses. To make this chat, you just have to add some chopped onion, tomatoes and ketchup with corn flakes and mix it and add salt and pepper as per your taste. This is the best home-made chakhna ever. 


2.        Roasted Euryale Ferox (Makhana):

Well, this is kind of a Holi dish but we can use it as a Chakhna as well. But as the saying goes, ‘PEETA KYA NHI KARTA. To make this, just boil a teaspoon of oil and roast them. Use salt and pepper as per taste. 

3.       Egg  

Its mostly available in every house. So whenever you wish to drink with a healthy chakhna, just boil the eggs and enjoy it with chat masala and onion. 

4.       Onion salad. 

This is one of the easiest and the fastest chakhna  that will surely come into a handy and will rescue you in those dreaded times.  Just chop onion salad and add lemon. Enjoy the fastest and easiest chakhna with chat masala seasoning. 

5.       Namak Mirch 

Oh well! If you are Lord Gloomy and you have nothing in the house. Then you can mix up salt and chilli powder and enjoy your drink with it. Obviously, PEETA KYA NAHI KARTA. 

Well, next time when you drink with your partner, make sure to find a “GOOD PARTNER” for your alcohol too.

By- Shubham Sharma

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