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No Fear No Favour

Netizens reminiscences 50 years of Sunil Gavaskar’s arrival in Test Cricket.

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

The 1970’s India saw unbelievable historical events with Former PM Indira Gandhi’s implementing the Emergency rule, Amitabh Bachchan captivating the audience with iconic angry young man role on-screen, while Kishor Kumar belting out top chartbuster songs.

Interestingly, there was also a little master who was carrying a young nation hope on his shoulder using cricket as a metaphor for life-giving a lesson of how to fight a good fight.

6th March, marks the entry of Sunil Gavaskar in Indian Team. This day, 50 years ago Sunil Gavaskar made his debut for India.

1971 was the year when Sunil Gavaskar made his test debut against West Indies in West Indies. It was a year that changed Indian cricket like no other. It was the year when India beat The West Indies for the first time and then went onto beat England in England, also for the first time.

Sunil Gavaskar was at the heart of that success especially in the West Indies series where he made a remarkable debut while scoring a record-breaking 774 runs in the series.

It was a moment when India celebrated the start of ‘Sunny Days’ which his best-selling autobiography has aptly titled.

Gavaskar transformed Indian cricket both on and off the field. On the field, he gave much-needed resilience and resistance to the sport by breaking one record after another.

Sunil Gavaskar was the first cricketer to score 10,000 runs in Test Cricket and crossed Don Bradman’s 29 test century record with his 34 Test Centuries.

At a time when the world cricket was witnessing the golden days of ruthless fast bowling, Gavaskar stood up and proved himself capable of taking on the best pace attacks without wearing a helmet and also during that time there was no restrictions were there on how many bouncers could be bowled in an over.

In a national career spanning over 16 years, The Little Master broke many records helping the Indian Cricket Team achieve new heights.

Sunil Gavaskar is considered as one of the World’s top Test Cricket to date. Gavaskar’s greatness was entwined with West Indies the most dominant Team of his era. Sunil Gavaskar had scored a staggering 13 centuries against one of the most ferocious attacks of all-time against them with a mind-boggling average of 65.45.

After his retirement, Gavaskar had still offered his services to the Indian Cricket Team by an advisor, selector, Commentator, and being the voice of Indian Cricket ‘.

On the occasion of Sunil Gavaskar’s 50 years of arrival in Test Cricket Netizens reminiscences his contribution to Indian cricket.

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