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NCW Chief Rekha Sharma on Integrated India despite Different India

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

March 26, 2022 (New Delhi): On the special occasion of 30th Foundation Day of National Commission for Women, NCW Chief, Rekha Sharma expressed her thoughts on the theme “She The Change Maker” and on the burning issue of racial diversity sensitisation. Celebrating the achievements of women in different fields, She said,”We women love diversity as we like different sarees. She also expressed the idea of Unity and Diversity and said, “ I belongs to a family where people belongs to different religions and we never faced religious conversion and persecution and that is the true beauty of our India.

NCW Chief also takes a dig at Indian Media and commented, “Media plays a vital role in making India united and integrated. Unfortunately Media is showing negativity today, I request my media friends to contribute in nation building process and making ‘Shreshtha Bhaarat’.

In supporting the idea of racial diversity, She emphasised the role of police officials and said, “Police plays a vital role in securing women rights and contributing towards nation building process but unfortunately many a times women face problems because of their irresponsibility and failure.”

Concluding her remarks on racial sensitisation, Sharma added that we need dialogues with students so that we can accept North Indian people with their culture and race. She announced that NCW will organise various dialogues on national issues in colleges to promote national values and to spread the idea of “Ek Bhaarat Shreshtha Bhaarat”.

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