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Modern Love Mumbai: Love Sees No Gender and Boundaries, It takes courage to fight for it in city of dreams

In Picture: Masaba Gupta and Ritwik Bhowmik in a episode ‘I Love Thane’ in ‘Modern Love Mumbai’.

May 21, 2022 (New Delhi): There’s something special about Mumbai and when it comes to love, the city always steals the spotlights and spreads the fragrance of love in the air. The newly released Modern Love Mumbai‘s soulful and underrated set of six episodes spans love, sexuality , religion, ethnicity, location, and class, capturing the veracity of love and emotions which are rooted in the city. The plot of the story is being taken from the international edition of Modern Love, inspired by the New York Times’ long-running beloved column, is all set in Mumbai.

In Picture: Actor Pratik Gandhi and Ranveer Brar.

The web series presents the idea of love in modern India. At the end of every episode, audience left with a inquisitive attitude of ‘Now I know, that I didn’t know before.’ Every story centres around a unique and subtle idea of love, romance and sexuality which is present in modern India but faded away. In the second episode, it is beautifully presented that love is the art of life and it should not be restricted to any gender, sex, religion, caste or country. The anthology, love does prevail, whether for oneself, another person, or Mumbai. There’s a character of a “Baai” which is featured in a dialogue that encapsulates the message ‘Modern Love Mumbai’ attempts to give its audience: “Preventing love is also like spreading hate.”

Picture Credit: Amazon Prime Video.

There’s a wonderful explanation in the web series that ‘Music equalise everything’, as it doesn’t see if you are gay or straight. The concept of love and hatred is beautifully described in the episode. Also when the violence happened at one point in the web series then “Baai” managed to stop the rioters and she told the dark reality of modern life that, “Nafrat Bikau Hoti Hai”. It exemplifies eloquently that love is the only way and treasure of life.

In Picture: Fatima Sana Sheikh as ‘Lali’ in the web series.

The most eye catching storyline and heart wrenching but also inspiring conclusion of “Raat Rani” fulfill the desire of love with Lali standing as a symbol of immense strength, solo fighter and empowerment, even in the face of love lost. Shaikh’s performance is a credit to this; she unabashedly cries, laughs, and expresses the effects of love, even when it comes to loving herself. How she accepted heart wrenching experiences in love life and moved on after crossing the ‘Highway’ is inspiration for many young lovers who are failing to move on. She steals all the spotlights.

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