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Mission Raniganj Collection Day 1:

‘Mission Raniganj’, so many notes raided on opening day…..

Byline: Anshika Singh

Mission Raniganj Collection Day 1 The film Mission Raniganj, directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, is different from Akshay Kumar’s films till now. The story of this movie is based on a real life incident in which Akshay Kumar has played the role of Jaswant Singh Gill. There was a lot of hype on social media about the film. It will be interesting to see how well the movie does at the box office.

This year, Akshay Kumar tried to teach a lesson to people through the film ‘OMG 2’. He was greatly liked in the role of Shiva’s messenger. After this film, he has brought the 1989 coal mine story ‘Mission Raniganj’ on the big screen. He has played the role of Jaswant Singh Gill, who saved the lives of more than six dozen laborers simultaneously.

Movie Based On Coal Mine Accident

Mission Rajinang’ is a film based on a true incident. It has received mixed reviews from audiences and critics. The film has received mostly good responses on social media platform X (Twitter). However, this movie has been released along with Bhumi Pednekar’s ‘Thanks for Coming’ and Rajveer Deol’s ‘Dono’. In such a situation, it has faced tough competition at the box office. How much collection did ‘Mission Raniganj’ make on the first day, read this report.

First Day Collection

Seeing the kind of hype there was about ‘Mission Raniganj’, it seemed that the film could take an opening in double digits. But this did not happen. According to the report of Sacknilk, this movie of Akshay Kumar has earned Rs 2.8 crores. These figures are less than expected. The film has earned a handful on the first day itself.

Coal Mine Accident

Coal mine accident occurred in West Bengal. On November 13, 1989, during the blasting of coal mines in Mahabir mine of Raniganj (West Bengal), a crack appeared in the water table wall. Water started flowing rapidly into these cracks. Due to this, six out of 220 people working there died on the spot. Those who were near the elevator were quickly pulled out. Still, 65 workers were left stranded. At the time of this accident, Jaswant Singh Gill was posted there as Additional Chief Mining Director. He saved the lives of all 65 workers. Where the workers were trapped in the mine, he dug several boreholes and provided food and drink to them until they came out safely. After a long interval he saved the lives of all 65 workers and pulled them out. For this act of bravery, Jaswant Singh Gill was given the Civilian Gallantry Award ‘Best Life Saving Medal’ by President Ramaswami Venkataraman on behalf of the Indian Government in 1991.

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