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Microsoft and other companies are more willing to recruit 900 employees who were fired by CEO of

One of the workers dismissed in the now-in-famous Zoom call collaborating with local organizations to organize a job fair for hundreds of employees laid off by digital mortal startup. Microsoft, Allestate, International Continental Capital Group and Robinhood recruiters were expected to the event sponsored by City of Charlotte and NCWorks Career Centre. In three minute phone conversation on December 1 CEO Vishal Garg informed 900 workers that they would be put off “ effective immediately.”

Employees who were laid off told in an interview that firings were unexpected and they were fired immediately. Better’s senior marketing, public relations and communication executives left after the company announced huge layoffs, according to Business Insider. According to Denim Knight Clark, former regional director of and one of event organizer’s impacted employees of as ‘no brainer”.

She said that they are dealing with firms who are desperately looking for such talent like this for their company. She said that the world is facing shortage of labor and such well trained employees are ready for immediate employment in their dream companies. As previously reported, several of sacked employees are looking before Christmas holidays. For unaware, on Wednesday (December 8) of mortgage lending organization abruptly fired 900 employees in United States and India during three minutes zoom call conversation. CEO Vishal Garg told in an interview that 9 percent of company’s employees have been laid off and said “I must inform you that market has been changed and we must adapt in order to flourish and meet our objectives.” The whole world is sympathizing with these 900 employees as they were unexpectedly fired which was a big injustice to them.

By line: Divya Thearia

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