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Merriam-Webster’s tweeter handle flooded with cute pooch photos after they tweeted about ‘doggos’

Merriam-Webster got plenty of them when they tweeted the word “doggos,” which is one of the words the dictionary is watching — but hasn’t yet made the criteria for entry.

The classical definition of doggo originates from late-19th-century slang. It means to be in hiding, as to “lie doggo,” as per a Time article from 1886 the dictionary cited in its blog post.

However, the dictionary acknowledged the word’s meteoric rise over the past year or so, which is chiefly the internet’s doing.

Anyway, while the dictionary figures out if “doggo” can be used in lieu of dog, here’s a whole bunch of pictures of “good boys and girls” sent to Merriam-Webster, thanks to its tweet about the word.

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