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Meet the 7 Iconic voices that took cricket commentary to another level…

Have you ever thought how boring watching cricket would be without commentary?  Would you be able to relive the moments of glory without the voices that embraced the game of cricket over the time? No, it is next to impossible to think about Cricket without the commentators describing the on-field proceedings. They are the opinion makers. The game of Cricket came alive on TV and radio through some spectacular commentary and analysis.

Here we bring you a list of 7 most loved cricket commentators who through their artistic articulation of the game generated a lot of praise for themselves.


Richie Benaud- Whenever we talk about Cricket commentary, the first name that comes to my mind is Richie Benaud. No surprises why he is termed as ‘The Bradman of Commentary.’ This Australian legend is the best ever to embrace the microphone. His calm voice and extraordinary understanding of the game makes him stand apart. Though at 82, when age is not on his side, he still appears occasionally for channel 9.

Bill Lawry- The former Australian captain is arguably one of the best to grace the microphone if not the best ever. Bill Lawry is classic. He was at his best when Tendulkar was batting in test cricket in the early nineties.   ‘In the air but falls safely,’ ‘Oh dear, oh dear’ these phrases were his trademarks.

Micheal Holding- Micheal Holding is regarded as a sharp cricketing mind and a great analyst. He won’t get your emotions stimulated through his commentary. He won’t be screaming his lungs out from the box either. He is a calm man doing his duty. He reads the game well and is very vocal about his opinions. He is sometimes criticized for being too harsh on certain players like Kieron Pollard, Darren Sammy etc. When the whole world has taken the rise of T20 cricket in good spirit, this Caribbean legend seems unimpressed.

Sourav Ganguly- Though Sourav Ganguly is away from commentary these days because of his other commitments, his skill as a commentator is undoubtedly above per. His excellence as a leader reflected onto his commentary as well. Unlike others, this man speaks his mind and offers you an opinion. The former Indian captain doesn’t fail to entertain you while he is on the Mic. He is one the very few who gives you great insights about the game.

Mark Nicholes- He commentates for Australia’s Nine Network during the Australian summer cricket season. He now anchors the coverage, replacing Richie Benaud as the face of cricket on Channel 9. He is one of the best in the business. His voice is used in EA sports Cricket.

Harsha Bhogle – Though some unwanted controversy erupted from nowhere that kept Harsha out of the commentary box for some time now, he is ready to make a comeback in the 10th edition of the Indian Premier league. He is regarded as one of the most skillful commentators of the modern age. He is great with the facts. The IIM Ahmedabad Alumni left his job of an Investment Banker to pursue a career in Cricket Commentary. Bhogle has been the face of Star network in India for some time now.

Ravi Shastri- How can you forget Ravi Shastri’s voice in the background when MS Dhoni hit that six to bring the world cup home after 28 years or when Sachin Tendulkar scored the first double century in one-day cricket. It was always Ravi Shastri and it is still him. Ravi Shastri is one of the most recognized voices of cricket all over the globe. ‘Dhoni finishes in Style’ ‘Edged and Taken’ ‘He has taken the Aerial route’ Ahh this man has made us stick to the TV screen for hours and also made our emotions flow like a river.




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