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Many Muslims ‘sacrificed life’ for cow-protection, says RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

Continuing his defence towards the cow vigilance groups across the country, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Saturday, in an oxymoronic statement, said that Muslims have sacrificed their lives for the protection of cows.

Addressing a crowd which had gathered in Nagpur on the occasion of Vijay Dashami, Bhagwat said, “It is reprehensible that some people have been killed allegedly by gaurakshaks. In fact, the violence of any form is. Rearing of a cow is not a matter of religion. I know many Muslims are involved in rearing & protection of cows. Many Muslims have sacrificed their lives in protection of the cow just as people of Bajrang Dal have.”

The right-wing group chief further stated that issues relating cow protection must go beyond religion. Speaking about cross-border smuggling of cows, he said, “Issue like cross-border smuggling of cow continues to be the matter of concern. For the progress of small farmer, rearing of the cow is a must. Protecting cow and cow-based agriculture is directed by Constitution.”

Bhagwat also expressed his views on the immigration of a huge number of helpless Rohingya Muslims in India. Calling them a security threat for the nation, Bhagwat claimed that the country is already facing problems with “illegal Bangladeshi migrants” and the Rohingya refugees are adding more drops in the troubled water.

Speaking to ANI, Bhagwat said, “Wo wahan se yahan kyun aaye hain? Wahan kyun nahi reh sake? (Why did they come to India from Myanmar? Why couldn’t they just stay there?)”

Over yesterday’s tragic incident of stampede near the Elphinstone railway station in Mumbai, Bhagwat, offering his condolences to the victims, said: “We all empathise with the families of our brethren who have lost their lives and those who have got injured in yesterday’s incident at Mumbai.”

Other issues Mohan Bhagwat spoke about…

Counter-terrorism: Lauding Modi-government’s attempts to tackle cross-border firing and militant infiltration from across the border in Jammu and Kashmir, Bhagwat said, “Provocative actions and propaganda of separatists is been effectively controlled by curbing their illegal financial source,” he said. “Determination with which terrorist infiltration and firing from across the border are being dealt with is appreciated.”

Doklam issue: The RSS chief also praised the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking a strong stand on the Doklam issue and said, “Just see how bravely and with determination, we protected the nation in Doklam without compromising pride.”

Refugee problem in J&K: Over the refugee problems in Jammu and Kashmir, Bhagwat said, “Problems of permanent residents of the state who migrated from Pakistan occupied J&K in 1947 is still present. Problems of the people who were displaced from the Kashmir valley in 1990 are remaining as it is.”

Hitting out at Kerala & West Bengal government: Mohan Bhagwat also targeted the state governments of Kerala and Bengal, stating that the two states have not fulfilled their duties to control ‘Jihadist forces’. “You know the situation in Kerala and Bengal. Jihadi forces active there. Although people are resisting, state governments are not fulfilling the duty.”

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