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Man Goes To Buy Apple’s iPhone X Riding A Horse And Accompanied By A Band In Thane

If you ask any gadget freak what is their cell phone device of choice, pat comes the reply that it is iPhone. Apple s iPhone had revolutionized the way we handled and used our cell phones and every year with one variant after another the company established by Steve Jobs ensures that they keep the customers interest level engaged. With the launch of every iPhone variant, there are umpteen numbers of jokes and memes that does the round of social media, the most used joke is that to afford the latest iPhone X one has to sell off their kidney because the phone is extremely expensive. However, there is this man who went to buy an iPhonex took things a little too far. He went riding a horse, holding a placard that read, I love iPhone X and had a band follow in Thane s Naupada.
Usually, in India when the bridegroom goes to the bride s house for the wedding he rides a horse and comes in full finery with a marching band in his wake. This man took things a little too far and went on to pull the same gimmick only thing was that he was not getting married, he was about to buy an iPhone X. Obviously, Twitterati was highly amused and could not help but crack jokes at his expense.

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